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Take the trouble out of trailering your boat. This tilt trim unit will lift up to a 130 HP motor.
BOB's MACHINE SHOP is the world leader in outboard motor performance products. They believe that quality creates its own demand.
The Hydraulic Jack plate allows you to raise or lower engine up to 7 1/2 vertically above the transom in less than 7 seconds at full power.
Bob's Machine Shop has just launched a new line of jack plates for smaller boats with lower-hp engines. The lightweight Mini Jacs feature a smaller footprint and, depending on the model, will handle engines up to 50 hp. These are designed for boaters to achieve the best performance of their boat. The power jack plate gives you the ability to adjust your boat motor down, for better out of the hole shots or up for better top end speed, better fuel efficiency, and more prop clearance in shallow water.
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Kicker Jack Plate 4 Inch 1 Convertible Jack Plate Mini Jack Plate Versajac ™ Jack Plate

JACK PLATE can raise your engine vertically. It is fuel economy. You can have an overall boat performance. And will allow you to gain access to shallow water for flat fishing.